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My family has been with Appleseed Warner for five years – we genuinely love the Montessori method and particularly the dedication of the teachers here.  My mother is a retired Montessori teacher, so I had high expectations of this program.  It has not disappointed!  I have 2 sons who are very different in personalities and learning styles. With one now in public school, I appreciate even more the individualized approach to teaching that is the norm at Appleseed.  The progress each son made over the years was very noticeable – from handwriting and reading to better behavior and problem-solving.  They were exposed to so many wonderful things – my older son still loves to visit the garden and check out what is growing.  Thanks to the director and her staff who are never content with the status quo, Appleseed Warner continues to be a great way to instill a love of learning.  My kids and I are thrilled to be a part of it!

--  Gina H.



I am so fortunate to have been an Appleseed parent since 2006. My oldest started at 18 months and my youngest (now 4)  is there now. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this school. The teachers are amazing-all the way from the toddler to the pre-K program. They are exceedingly well-trained, have years of experience behind them, and can handle pretty much anything that comes their way.  They go the extra mile to ensure every child receives the individual attention they need and the appropriate teaching for their learning style and level. I am always amazed at how well they work with each child on the specific skills he or she needs help with. My children have very different personalities, but both have thrived with the same teachers.

What I like most however, is the friendly atmosphere, and the warmth and love that is given to the children and their families. Not only from the teachers, but also from the staff and the director. Everyone knows you and greets you with a smile. I always say that the Appleseed crew is like my second family because it truly feels that way. The school is very clean, well run and safe.

The Montessori Method helps kids develop creativity and critical thinking skills. My children have also learned the importance of personal responsibility and social awareness. It will be bittersweet when my youngest daughter graduates from Appleseed. But we will leave with wonderful memories and friendships to last a lifetime."

--  Priya S.




I have 2 children, one has graduated from Appleseed after being there for 3 ½ years and my daughter is currently attending.  I have seen both of my kids grow immensely…intellectually, emotionally, as well as growth with their self-confidence and self-esteem.   Appleseed has given my kids so much…friendships that have lasted well after leaving.  The tools and skills they have learned benefited them a great deal when starting elementary school.  My son was farther ahead in his class than most because of what he learned at Appleseed.

The teachers are friendly, knowledgeable, great with the kids, and really communicate with the parents. The curriculum is not only diverse but fun and exciting.

What the teachers teach goes far beyond reading and writing skills.  My children have learned about math, science, and creativity through arts, crafts, and music.  They are also educated about many different cultures.  The teachers help develop a child’s confidence, self-esteem, and leadership abilities as they recognize each child’s personal ability and learning curve.

I love how Appleseed is a small school, and that parents really get to know not only the other children in the class, but also the parents and the other teachers/staff in the school.  Becoming a part of the Appleseed family was one of the best decisions I have made with regards to my children’s early education and social development.

-- Karin S.




It gives us both happiness to say a few nice words about our experience at Appleseed Warner campus. This is the second time we have enrolled a child at Appleseed. We knew we had plenty of choices when choosing a pre-school for our first one. At Appleseed, kids are taught through hands on activities, they get the affection and attention they need, and more importantly they have fun learning with the methodology used at the school and in a non stressful environment. The teachers are genuinely warm people and parents develop a sense of friendship and affection for the staff. Our first child had a fabulous experience. It was a very obvious decision when deciding where to put our second one! The thing that always strikes us at this campus, is that you see happy faces both with the staff and the kids. What amazes me is that the Director seems to know every child and parent's first name! I notice this when she greets everyone in the morning at drop off time. We whole heatedly recommend this place.

- Arun N.




I have been sending my daughters to Appleseed since my first daughter was 2.5 years old.  We have been at Appleseed now for over 4 years.  It has been a wonderful experience.  Each teacher is loving, caring, attentive and cares for each child.  It doesn't really feel like a school.  It feels more like a family environment.  I feel comfortable with the teachers and staff and feel safe and secure leaving my children there.  I know they will take good care of them, teach them and guide them.  The facility is nice, clean and organized.  The montessori jobs they do for the children and up to date and done well.  My girls have learned a lot being at Appleseed.  It has made the transition to Kinder for my first daughter very smooth.  We have loved our experience at Appleseed and highly recommend it to all our friends and neighbors.  It has been a great experience and we'll be sad to leave next year when my 2nd daughter starts Kinder.

--  Jen L.



Appleseed has exceeded our expectations!  The teachers and staff provide an incredibly positive and nurturing environment in which our son has thrived.  Not only is he being introduced to numbers, letters and other academic subjects in a way that makes him eager for more, he is also learning soft skills that will last a lifetime.  We are constantly impressed and humbled by how successful the teachers are in teaching him manners, empathy and independence.  They’ve instilled a sense of pride in him when he’s able to help others or do things for himself.   When needed they apply just the right dose of discipline, which really teaches him how to behave instead of just punishing him.  Appleseed is an outstanding school and the best part for us is that we feel a true sense of partnership in raising our son with the teachers and staff.  We owe so much to Appleseed!

-- Julia H.


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