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Appleseed Montessori (Dunford Suite 800) has been an incredible experience for our boy. Our child is full of love and also very full of energy. We knew that finding him the right pre-school wouldn't be easy. After a couple of not-so great experiences at other places, we brought him to Appleseed, where he immediately fit in, grew exponentially and developed into a still very loving and very energetic almost five year old. 

Here are the things that we love about the school:

1. The teachers - throw everything else (philosophies, settings, price, policies) out the window, when you are looking for a good pre-school for your kid, the teachers are the most important thing. Our child was in two different classes in his two years and all of the teachers brought an amazing amount of caring and patience and smarts to class with them everyday. How they do it on a day after day basis still amazes me. 

2. The office - if you ever have an issue or want to talk to someone about the school or your child, the office is staffed by two very important people at almost all points during the day. Not only do these people know every single child in the school well, but they also will listen to your concerns and help you find solutions. 

3. The routine - Our child is a bit of a free thinker and a roamer, we wanted him to get a good dose of structure, but not so much structure that his personality would be squashed. Appleseed does a great job of providing this exact solution. There is enough of a schedule, that kids get used to doing things at a certain time, but there is enough freedom that kids get to develop at their own pace that suits their personality. 

In summation, Appleseed is a great place to bring your child. For two years, I have loved dropping off my child there knowing that he is going to a loving and enriching environment with people that know him and his family and really care about him and his development. 

Thanks you Appleseed!

Matt Gilman & Zia Estrella

Ike's dates of attendance: 10/2012 - 8/2014



I have great respect for AppleSeed Montessori School, Dunford 800.  The teachers have been great role models.  The overall staff has been absolutely supportive and welcoming to any support needed.  Ruhee is going to miss everyone but she will always cherish the fond memories and bond that she has formed with all the staff members.  Thank you for all that you have done for Ruhee for the time she was at AppleSeed.

- Ruhee's mom, Karishma

Ruhee's dates of attendance: 1/3/2016 - 6/18/2016



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