Children are the seeds and school is the soil; we are the sunshine and rain.

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Primary Program (Preschool, Pre-K, K)

We offer two mixed-age programs:


  • Preschool/PreKindergarten/Kindergarten: Age 2  - 6 years


This mixed age group consists of 24 children with two teachers; one lead teacher and one supporting teacher. Children in this group are emotionally ready for school. The daily program in our preschool environment includes the seven Montessori curriculum areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Science, Geography, and Art & Music. The goal of this program is to build academic and social-emotional competency through activities and curriculum that blend individual work time with small group and larger group projects like cooking, cultural studies, and outdoor playtime. The program includes an afternoon nap for all children.



  • Bilingual Preschool/PreKindergarten/Kindergarten: Age 2 - 6 years

The bilingual program consists of 24 emotionally-ready children with two teachers. The daily program is carried out in Mandarin and English and includes the seven Montessori curriculum areas covered in the regular Preschool/PreKindergarten/Kindergarten program. Materials and posters around the classroom are printed with Chinese characters and phonics instruction is in the Mandarin dialect for a total immersion experience. Simultaneous English translation is offered as needed to bridge the gap between the cultures and languages.  The program includes an afternoon nap for all children.






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