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Elementary Program: Advanced Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Fact Sheet

Our Philosophy

At AppleSeed, our approach to curriculum is inspired by the Montessori philosophy of cosmic education.  Children learn to make connections among the various areas of study with recognition that all human knowledge is inter-related.

Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace with attention to individual interests.  Our experienced and caring teachers guide the learning process for each child on an individual basis recognizing that each one is unique. 

Small classes with a mixed age group promote the Montessori ideals of independence and cooperation. 

Children’s education is balanced with challenging academics complimented by peace curriculum which promotes responsibility, positive self image, team work, leadership, and communication skills. 

Our goals are to help children realize their full potential so they may one day make the world a better place and assist in the evolution of mankind.


Class Size and Ratio

The AppleSeed Elementary classroom is a mixed age environment encompassing ages five to nine years old (K through 3rd grade). The ratio is 20:1.



The enriched elementary curriculum is Montessori-based with an emphasis on hands-on learning through doing.  It is compatible with and exceeds the common core standards. Weekly lessons in the subject areas of art, music, and PE to enhance the regular classroom studies. Foreign language (Mandarin Chinese)is offered optionally.

Language Arts

  • Creative writing
  • English competency in written and oral expression,
  • Basic reading skills including: comprehension, vocabulary development, and literacy enrichment. 
  • Introduction to classic children’s stories fostering appreciation for literature and a love of reading.  


  • Advanced Montessori and Singapore Math approaches. 
  • Three-dimensional, manipulative materials simultaneously reveal arithmetic, geometric, and algebraic correlations-providing students a concrete way to experience abstract concepts. 
  • Materials for disciplines such as geometry and trigonometry present basic terminology as the groundwork for future in-depth study. 


  • Introduction to all areas of science with scientific investigations based on experimental activities and experiences. 
  • Thematic units and in-depth science projects promote lifelong leaning by searching for knowledge and scientific truths.
  • Maker's Lab activities introduce STEM concepts through hands-on projects that foster creativity and problem-solving skills.

Social Studies

  • Developing an understanding of what makes up our world and our environment.
  • Exploration of geography, history, and cultural studies stretching from the community and its environs to global studies.

Music & Art

  • Movement and rhythm, ear training, singing and dancing
  • History of music
  • Montessori approach to music study through the use of manipulatives such as bells, tone bars, and musical instruments to foster sound recognition.
  • School chorus offers students the opportunity for vocal instruction.
  • Art designed to foster self-expression and creativity. 
  • Basic art skills
  • Exposure to the great art and artists of the world.
  • Art projects and activities are natural extensions of classroom work, reinforcing and expanding academic and artistic skills.

Physical Education and Outdoor Play

  • Well-equipped playgrounds and movement curriculum promote gross motor development, athletic skills and physical fitness. 
  • Lifetime health habits are emphasized with physical exercise integrated into the daily program.

Foreign Language (optional)

  • Instruction in Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Vocabulary enrichment, writing, speaking, reading, and oral presentations promote language acquisition. 
  • Chinese culture studies of food, art, celebrations, seasonal festivities, stories, songs, customs, crafts and more introduce students to the fascinating Chinese culture.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Enrichment activities such as Gymnastics, Art, Dance, Chess, Keyboard, Music etc. are available to students enrolled in the after school extended care program.


Community Service & Excursions

Service projects build a sense of social purpose and moral responsibility.

Excursions (field trips) and cultural outings to the library, museums, art, and other special exhibits, zoos, ballets enrich the learning experience. Seasonal  



Extended Care

Extended care options before and after school are available.



For more information or to arrange a tour, please contact Dunford 800 School Office at (408) 985-7333




Learning is fun at AppleSeed!


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