Children are the seeds and school is the soil; we are the sunshine and rain.


Since the [AppleSeed] program involves children from age two and a half to six with a Montessori-style learning environment, Alex’s communication and behavior skills were improved exponentially through learning from the elder kids….  In addition to the development of emotional maturity in the class, the school provided substantial academic training…with the fundamental knowledge for the readiness of the transition to elementary education.  We feel it is a wonderful experience for my son to start his life-learning journey from AppleSeed…

-Sara Han



All the…teachers are always warm, smiling, and friendly.  This gave our daughter confidence and assurance in this place called AppleSeed….  We feel she is confident in many areas while at school.

-Dewang Li




[In] the toddler’s room, [our son] enjoyed his daily activities with friends more and more as his self-confidence and communication skills developed under the guidance of his teachers….  We were very satisfied with the frequent parent-teacher communications we had throughout the years.  It helped us realize where he made his progress and where we needed to work together to make progress.  It is important to us that we took part in his learning and development process and is only made possible by a very open communication.

-Larry Chen




We have always been amazed by the warm welcoming atmosphere if this school.  The teachers [and] staff…have all strived very earnestly to make this establishment surpass a school and become more like an extended family to ours son and us.  The teachers have often gone above and beyond what is expected of them to make sure that every child receives the attention and care that he/she requires.

-Vijay Naroth and Bhavana Prakash




A heartfelt thanks to AppleSeed for making the last two years happy, fulfilling and enriching for Eashan.  Being part of AppleSeed has made him independent, self-directed, and has fostered a healthy sense of curiosity and love for people and things around him….  We loved being part of AppleSeed community.  It has been like a second family to us.

-Bishakha and Subhadeep Chatterjee


Not only has [our son] got a great foundation in education, but he also gained a whole lot in terms of the foundation for life.  He has always had positive things to say about school – be it circle time, playground time, science classes, his friends or his teachers.

-Parvathi Padmakumar & Sundar Sankaran




…the mixed age grouping in the classroom has really worked wonders for our son….  Along the way Carey learned things faster from older kids.  Believe us he just couldn’t wait, but when finally it’s his turn to be the big kid in the class he’d love to help younger ones.  In the AppleSeed family our son had brothers and sisters that he does not have at home!

-Vivian and Victor Chang




We are so pleased that both of our children had the opportunity to attend your wonderful preschool….  When Katie came home knowing not only the alphabet and months of the year, but also the planets…  we knew she wasn’t just putting in time at a daycare.  Both children entered kindergarten with fundamental language and math skills that have given them a competitive advantage….  Overall they were well prepared and they had a fun time too.

-David Reed and Michelle Lee




The activities your program has planned, the rooms you decorate, the friendships you help foster-it’s all incredible and it’s helping our daughter (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.  Kavna loves school and it’s easy to see why.

-Rama and Neelima Krishnan




All the teachers are very loving and kind….  The hands-on approach to learning and tailoring of the teaching to the individual aptitude of the kid helped both Muthu and Vignesh learn to their potential….  The both made a lot of friends and enjoyed the outdoor playground time as well.

-The Panchanathams




Before entering kindergarten, [my daughter] knew her manners, had [a] sunny attitude towards everything, and became a ferocious reader.

-Sarah Xu



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